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Molotov Lab is team of blockchain games developers. Our path into blockchain development began in 2016, during which time we managed to create a collectible games on the blockchain ETH & TRON Birds , taken its seat in TOP 3 Blockchain games. In the course of work, we began to develop diNEO & StarBattle, which we are working on very hard.

Among our successful projects there is mobile app development, cryptocurrency exchanges and technologies for interacting with smart contracts.
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diNEO is a collectible crypto game with interesting adventures and here you can have awesome dinos. Here you can play with our adorable dinos. Do not believe us? Check it and you can not stop to playing in it.
Genre: Life simulation , MMO
Platform: Web, Blockchain, NEO
TRON Birds is a new collectible crypto game with adventures where you get to play with lovely birds. Each birdy is unique and 100% belongs to you forever. Don’t miss your chance to create your unique birds collection and get a profit.
Genre: Life simulation
Platform: Web, Blockchain, TRON
This is RPG science fiction game in real time. Star Wars have economic strategy also can be attributed to games in social networks. Star Wars - game which lose yourself in unreal adventure on vast expanse of deep cosmic space.
Genre: RTS, MMO
Platform: Web, Blockchain
Molot (MLT) Token
Total Supply:
990,000,000,000 MLT

TRC-20 Compatible
The key in-game currency for all services is the TRC-20 compatible Molot (MLT) token based on TRON blockchain needed for in-game purchases and events. MLT token allows make transactions quick, cheap and anonymous. TRC-20 compatible token necessary for in-game transactions to buy items and interact in games.
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